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The BallPark is the home of artist Di Ball and her many Balls. She describes it as her “LIFE AS/IS A THEME PARK”. At the age of 57, Di has called on the international traveller Glo Ball to transport her to a land far far away. To Iceland. To a small town called Skagastrond.

So on the 3rd October, 2009, Di set off on the bus from Reykavik. She had been accepted to take up a NES artist residency for 2 months. She was very excited and apprehensive and had a dream that she would experience snow in a real way. Not from a plane. Not a small patch in Summer which was left over dirty ice from Winter. She hoped that Glo Ball warming would not follow her.

She, of course, was willing for any of her Balls to appear but her mind was open to possibility. Skagastrond is the home of Country and Western in Iceland, so Fleur was packed and ready. This journey placed the BallPark out of her comfort zone in so many ways.



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  1. Love your piccies Di……you’ve seen plenty of ice & frost but how is the Snow-Spotting going?
    All is well at the Castle of Dart…the youngest Princess….Princess Annabella of the Secondary Davis Clan…is at the moment in Hanoi after a few days in Saigon.
    A hot Sunday afternoon here with blue skies & the older Princess Caz vege-ing off on the lounge sofa & parentals chewing the fat with her.
    Take care,
    Careful of those fishermen,

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